Electrical Power

Generators, Starter-Generators,

Electric Motors, Relays, Inverters,

Control and Regulating Components, Transformer-Rectifier Units,

Busses, Circuit Breakers

  Landing Gear


Brakes, Wheels, Valves, Motors,

Actuators and Relays

  Fuel Systems

Fuel Pumps, Valves, Boost Pumps,

Filter Units, Controls, Temperature

and Pressure Transducers

  Hydraulic Systems


RED OIL (MIL-H-5606 Actuators,

Accumulators, Manifolds, Pumps

and Motors, Regul;ators, Valves

  Air Conditioning

Air Cycle Machines, Blowers, Cooling Fans, Switches, Valves, Heat Exchanger

  Aircraft Lighting

Internal and external lighting system component

  Supported Aircraft
  A300/310, A319/320/321 ATR42/72, B737, B747, B757/767 BAE146/RJ, B1900, CRJ/CL600 DC9/MD80, DHC6, DHC7, DHC8 DO228, DO328, C130, CL215, EMB110 EMB120, ERJ135/140/145, F27/50 F28/70/100, MD11, SF340, S2000, G3/4/5,  Global Express

AS332, AS350/355 BH204/205, BH206 BH212, BH407, BO105/BK117,S61,S64 S76

 and many others

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